Current feelings on “cancer”

Cancer. It’s such a heavy word but I had no idea how heavy until I had Cancer. So far I have been able to beat it and am currently in remission now 4 years. But I am forever changed as a result of that word.

In so many ways I lost my identity that day. I became a cancer patient. That’s all. Before that I had been a Mother, a Friend, a Daughter, a Wife, a Sister. But that day I became another stat and someone who had to fight for her life. Cancer.

Even to this day, something as harmless as a TV show will send me deep in thought, taken back to when I found out and the terryifyingly difficult months that followed. Many times I skip through the cancer scenes in those shows because I am still not quite ready to see it and read about it in such a casual way.

I know a lot of you have been through this experience and I know I am not alone. But in some ways it’s still a very lonely and personal experience.

Thanks for allowing me to share.



2 thoughts on “Current feelings on “cancer”

  1. Thank you for sharing your personal journey. It is inspiring and I am uplifted I’ve experienced cancer through the lense of my mother. You’ve given another perspective that she must have been experiencing during her journey. May God continue to bless you and keee yo healthy so that you ca continue to inspire others as be an example of strength for your daughter. Thank you


    1. Thank you Stephen… I meet people every day touched by cancer.. I am sorry for what your mother went through… and for what you went through as a result… thank you so much for sharing..


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