Current feelings on “cancer”

Cancer. It’s such a heavy word but I had no idea how heavy until I had Cancer. So far I have been able to beat it and am currently in remission now 4 years. But I am forever changed as a result of that word.

In so many ways I lost my identity that day. I became a cancer patient. That’s all. Before that I had been a Mother, a Friend, a Daughter, a Wife, a Sister. But that day I became another stat and someone who had to fight for her life. Cancer.

Even to this day, something as harmless as a TV show will send me deep in thought, taken back to when I found out and the terryifyingly difficult months that followed. Many times I skip through the cancer scenes in those shows because I am still not quite ready to see it and read about it in such a casual way.

I know a lot of you have been through this experience and I know I am not alone. But in some ways it’s still a very lonely and personal experience.

Thanks for allowing me to share.



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