Growing Up

Although I am closer to my 40’s than I am to my 30’s I only recently felt like I finally grew up. Yup. I grew up. Like literally two weeks ago, I finally feel like I have arrived into adult hood. The journey has been a struggle but I am happy to report.. I am here.

This is what I realized. For the last 10, 15, dunno how many years, I have been going through the motions of being an adult- all the while feeling like I have no freaking control over anything and I have NO idea what I am doing most days AND I am an emotional mess. But I gotta keep going and going like the little Energizer Bunny… because that’s what adults do. Right?

Turns out- NOPE! That’s not what real adults do. They don’t just stay on the treadmill. They actually allow themselves to hit pause on their lives! Like OMG! I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW YOU COULD FREAKING DO THAT!

Deep Breaths….

I just learned of this concept. At first I was totally confused. Like what are these crazy people saying?

And then it just made sense. It made FREAKING sense!! That’s the exact moment I grew up.

I learned that if you don’t have the answer, maybe it’s not the best time to make the decision.

I learned how to tell my brain to take a break from all the thinking and endless going around and around in circles in my head about all the stuff. When I was able to tell my emotional brain the same thing, life changed for me in so many ways.

First, I found my patience again.

Second, I started bonding with my husband better.

Third, I was able to better take care of myself and my needs. I stopped looking for other people to fill those needs- that’s a losing battle right?

And lastly, I am setting a way better example for Gianna.

So what do I mean by this? Well, at any given time there is so much on my plate that I feel like I am in constant decision making process. I started feeling like I had to make all the decisions but you know what? Some decisions aren’t mine to make! Sometimes, just being quiet and patient, helps those around us to make the changes we always prayed for. living with intention. I kinda understood that concept previously, but now, me and living with intention are best friends.

It really does make an impact on how my day goes. I feel like I have wasted a lot less time overall, and I am able to do so much more without feeling rushed, panicked or stressed.

I cannot take all the credit. I have chosen to work with a group, a network of amazing people and a Productivity Coach to help me organize and manage my time so overall I can be more effective and actually be able to live the life I have always wanted to.

Welcome to adulthood! It actually feels good!

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